Friday, May 25, 2012

Learn Something New This Summer

Summer Vacation for most of you must have started. Some may be doing Internship, while some may be sitting ideal at home. Well if you have a computer and internet you can probably learn something new this Summer.

Below is list of few sites form which you can acquire new skills for free :-

 1. Codecademy : If you ever wanted to learn coding, then this is the site for you. Currently, this site offers lessons in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Lessons in Python will start soon.

2. Coursera: This site contains the free online courses offered by Stanford, Berkley, Princeton and other reputed Universities. Courses ranges from Humanities, Social Science, Computer Science etc.

 3. The New Boston: This site contains lots of tutorials on various programming languages like java, C++ and also Android.

 4. mybringback: Similar to thenewboston, it also contains lots of video tutorials to get you going in the programming world.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Firefox Extensions Which Will Change Your Browsing Experience

Firefox Logo
I have been using Firefox for quite some time now and I really love it. What makes Firefox so great and awesome from the rest of the browsers is its plethora of extensions. They add a great deal of functionality to the Firefox browser. 

Below is a list of my favorite extensions which will greatly change the browsing experience of anyone using Firefox along these Add-Ons.

1. Adblock Plus
   Probably one of the most popular used extension. It blocks all the annoying ads and makes your browsing experience ads free.

   This extensions manages all your passwords across the web. Thus it helps different and complex password for each of your sites without having to remember any of them.

3. Xmarks Sync
   Like keeping lots of Bookmarks? Well, then this extension is for you. I syncs all your bookmarks across various devices. And if you are nowhere near to any of your device, just access your bookmarks form Xmarks website.

4. All in one Sidebar
   This helps you access all the Firefox options like addons, bookmarks, downloads etc. from a sidebar.

5. User Agent Switcher
   Once in a while you may have stumbled upon some site which requires to have the crappy IE. Well do you? Not really (not always). This extension changes your user agent of the browser which makes the site  you are visiting think that you are using some other browser.

6. IE Tab
   These are some sites which require you to run ActiveX content which is an IE feature. For that you can just run IE inside your Firefox with this IE Tab add-on.

7. Readability
   Its really a pain to read stuff online with all those clutter on the pages. This extension removes all the clutter and makes your reading a pleasing experience. You can even save the pages to Readability account for later reading.
    There may be other extensions which does the same but none is more beautiful and accurate than Readability.

8. Speed Dial
   Firefox homepage with all your frequently used sites. I really fell this should be built-in in Firefox. This then Speed Dial is the way to go.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Summer Internship with Butterfly Fields – Science Summer Camp Coordinator – Bangalore, Hyderabad, India

Summer Internship in Bangalore, HyderabadWant to relive your childhood? I often rue the fact that my own school education was not as much fun based learning as I would have liked. I was mugging the properties of soil in South America without ever knowing what type of soil we had in our hometown. Science, easily the most exciting subject, was taught in a manner no different than History.
If the statement above strikes a chord with you, if you strongly feel that our current education system requires a tinge of practical, do-it-yourself, fun based learning to nurture the scientific temperament among tomorrow’s generation, if you believe education is more about how you learn than what you learn – this internship is your chance to make a difference! An internship with the best all round learning that one can imagine.
About Butterfly Fields: - Butterfly Fields ( is an IIT, IIM alumni venture to make learning easy, enriching and enjoyable. Over a period of 5 years they have experienced the joy of making kids experiment and learn science and math concepts while having loads of fun. Having ‘Hands on Learning’ as the guiding principle they want kids to understand, question, learn, share and gain confidence in dealing with the tools and their activities are structured around these key outcomes.
About the internship: - The selected candidates would be summer camp coordinators acting as a single point contact between Butterfly Fields and the franchisee. This would include
  • Conducting activities at the specified location in a smooth fashion ensuring proper logistics management such of  material, tools, worksheets, videos and other relevant material for the camp
  • Documenting feedback from the franchisee, students and parents and prepare a comprehensive report at the end of the event
  • Working closely with marketing and conducting demos, if needed
# of internships available: – 10
Who can apply: - This is not an in-office internship. Any undergraduate, pursuing an engineering/Science degree from a good institute currently in the 2nd or 3rd year with interest in building science models, and good coordination and communication skills is encouraged to apply.
Location: - Hyderabad, Bangalore, India
Duration: - 1 month minimum
Start date: - May 2012
Stipend: - Rs. 5,000/- per month + travel expenses would be reimbursed
How to apply: - Please ensure that your Internship CV adheres to these basic guidelines before hitting submit button. If all set, go ahead and apply here.  The last date for applications is 30th April 2012 – hurry!
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