Friday, May 25, 2012

Learn Something New This Summer

Summer Vacation for most of you must have started. Some may be doing Internship, while some may be sitting ideal at home. Well if you have a computer and internet you can probably learn something new this Summer.

Below is list of few sites form which you can acquire new skills for free :-

 1. Codecademy : If you ever wanted to learn coding, then this is the site for you. Currently, this site offers lessons in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Lessons in Python will start soon.

2. Coursera: This site contains the free online courses offered by Stanford, Berkley, Princeton and other reputed Universities. Courses ranges from Humanities, Social Science, Computer Science etc.

 3. The New Boston: This site contains lots of tutorials on various programming languages like java, C++ and also Android.

 4. mybringback: Similar to thenewboston, it also contains lots of video tutorials to get you going in the programming world.
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